Delectable Delights - Trinidad Catering Service

Made from the finest of earth’s ingredients these delectable delights are soft in colour, but rich, crunchy and succulent in the mouth all at the same time.

Craving Creativity

It is said that creativity is more than being different, basically it is taking the plain and crafting it into something totally amazing, just like this watermelon.

Exotic Cuisine

Try a something extra special colourful and fancy like this dish during the day.


A Good Morning Start

Posted in Breakfast, News by The Grape Vine

Are you tired of having the same thing day after day, morning after morning for the first meal of the day? Then trust The Grape Vine to turn your breakfast from ordinary to extraordinary. Start your day with classy morning meals from our comprehensible menus. Order for yourself, the family, or surprise a friend or

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