Dear Emile, Maggie & Sarah: –

It has been a pleasure working with you over the past year. Every single function we have worked together has been a fabulous experience!

Working in the event industry, I have encountered many outside catering companies and have to say that, Grapevine Catering is one of the best companies that I have worked with. Your entire team shows an incredible amount of professionalism and flexibility during the event. Their teamwork and willingness to assist in all aspects of the event greatly exceeded my expectations.

I can confidently recommend that the Grapevine Catering team will provide excellent catering services for any event large or small.

I look forward to another year of partnering with you,


Roxanne Pantin
Managing Director

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As an Event Manager, it is always comforting to know that you can close your eyes and have a Supplier perform in the manner discussed and expected. Such is the experience that I’ve had time and time again with The Grape Vine. There has been nothing less than professionalism, astute food and beverage knowlege and the willingness to get the job done – even within a challenging venue! Congrats Grape Vine and keep up the great work!

Tricia Ng-A-Mann
Event Consultant/Wedding Planner

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Staying ahead of the Curve- “The Grape Vine Limited, led by the dynamic culinary team of Emile Wihby and his Cordon Bleu-trained wife, Maggie Wihby has demonstrated over many years, an ongoing commitment to excellence both in the quality of their extensive and exotic local and international menu offerings, in addition to the company’s attention to detail in the quality of service delivery.

These qualities make the Grape Vine Limited one of the premier service providers at the top of many event producers’ lists. Emile and Maggie who were joined in the last couple of years by their daughter Sarah, take pride in staying ahead of the curve by attending some of the trade’s most recognised international culinary shows. From concept to execution, the Grape Vine Limited is committed to exceeding your event expectations.”

TChristine D. Francois
Founder & Managing Director Accent Events Limited

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