About Us

We are a service that brings Catering to Trinidad with the highest quality of taste and love.

The Grape Vine Limited approaches an event with two things in mind – our food and our client. We work hard to create a memorable menu suited to our client’s taste, while using the best ingredients available to us. We work equally hard to ensure that the client enjoys their event without worrying about the details and logistics of the day. This is why The Grape Vine Limited is one of the most innovative and sought after catering companies in Trinidad and Tobago.

Our success is derived from balancing tradition and innovation. The Grape Vine Limited was built on a strong tradition of culture from the Middle East and we have been able to blend with this, all the mixes of the Caribbean, as well as favourites from the International fare. Our food is a combination of the familiar and the new – we embrace the past by remembering our culinary roots and classical techniques, while constantly seeking new ideas and trends that will satisfy the client while keeping it fresh.
Our services include:

  • Custom menu design
  • Beverage coordination
  • Service rentals
  • Guidelines, timing and coordination
  • Trained service staff professionals

The Grape Vine Limited is comprised of a team of creative, dedicated and trained professionals. Their attention to detail, together with our imaginative menus, beautiful presentations and attentive service, has continued to provide memorable occasions and happy clients.

Team Members

Sarah Wihby


Emile Wihby


Maggie Wihby

Head Chef